Stamped Concrete

We use different repair techniques to address different problems,with some cracks we can make them virtually disappear, Pitting is another common problem that we fix, deicing materials from the road will penetrate the concrete on warm winter days and then freeze when the temperature falls, leaving holes or “pits” in your concrete. by using special techniques we can repair that damage and restore the concrete.

Do you have a problem with the colour on your concrete?? Lets us restore the colour and help protect protect it. We can add colour to our coatings to manipulate the look of the concrete, this can be useful in situations where the concrete did not match from when it was poured, and you would like to improve it!

Another situation where it would be beneficial to add colour would be if the stamped concrete is bear or “whitish” and would like to restore it and make it look new again!

White driveway or hazy?

The wrong sealer, or having it applied poorly, or moisture related problems are typical causes of this problem. Let one of our knowledgeable staff members find the problem, and fix it for you!

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